Energy & Serenity Bodyworks
Soothing touch brings energy and serenity to the mind, body and spirit.

About Us

Energy & Serenity Bodyworks is a Native American owned cutting edge holistic health and wellness center. We specialize in stress management, chronic pain relief, injury recovery, and detoxification. E&S is not the "usual massage place" content with rubbing lotion on your skin so to speak. Our massages are quite vigorous and strenuous but not necessarily painful as we try to keep it at the feel good pain level. We offer phenomenal east/west fusion massage, deep tissue, sports massage, and corporate chair massage.

We also offer state-of-the art healing and detoxification equipment from Japan and Korea. We work on a broad range of clients including: massage therapists, physical therapist, personal trainers, surgeons, nurses, national law enforcement agents, athletes including Bodybuilding Champion Mr. Virginia, local musicians such as Saffire and Eddie of Ohio, as well as rock stars including Maroon 5, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Nickelback, Lady Antebellum, Behemoth, Gipsy Kings, Il Divo, Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, Lady Gaga, Peter Tork, Iron Maiden, and the WWE.

The founder is first and foremost a healer from an eastern background, then a massage therapist. E&S is a manifested vision of owner/operator Victoria (Vicky) Troy, MS, CMT, NCTMB. Besides being a healer/massage therapist, Ms. Troy is also a healing martial artist, professional musician and a yoga and meditation practitioner.

In her vision she wanted to duplicate her life's work on her own mind-body-spirit connection into a successful business model to help heal the world. She wanted to find a place where her creative passions in life add to what is truly good in society--the innate desire for kind, gentle, soothing touch.

According to Ms. Troy, "if we could just peel off some of the chronic, man-made layers of stress, raise our consciousness level; we just might find ourselves spending more energy living peaceful, harmonious, earth-centered and serene lives."

All Energy & Serenity Bodyworkers have backgrounds in the healing arts whether it be earth-centered or eastern philosophy, or martial arts. So they have a unique understanding and are trained at gathering/controlling and using energy. Each massage integrates both eastern and western elements. Most importantly, the attitudes and intent of all E&S bodyworkers is to be grounded, centered and positive so they become the best catalysts for healing for our clients.