Energy & Serenity Bodyworks
Soothing touch brings energy and serenity to the mind, body and spirit.


Modality Description: E&S Bodyworks uses numerous eastern and western based healing systems including Korean, Thai, and Native American healing forms combined with healing martial arts principles and techniques (DahnMuDo). E&S also uses Quantum Touch and sound/virbrational healing forms as well.

E&S believes it is important to address the "other than physical" system of the body, as all humans are not only physical beings we are energy beings as well. This unique combination of eastern and western healing forms enables E&S bodyworkers to gather, control and use ki (life force) energy for optimal healing potential.

These various healing forms are used to work the energy lines (meridians), chakras (energy centers) and acupressure points (energy points). Stagnate energy (accumulates mainly in joints) is
replaced with revitalizing ki energy.

Energywork is incorporated into every massage.